I just wanted to let you know that we have just had a crazy weekend with our son, Stuart. He has had to choose his subjects to take from year 9 to year 11, and it has been a big struggle to get him to make a choice that is not because of popularity or peer influence, but rather because of his talents and natural ability and interests.

It so happened that we intended to complete the MCO assessment this weekend. Stuart enjoyed doing the test and saw this as an adventure with a large present at the end that would give him clarification and direction into who he could possibly become.

Safe to say, that after completing the test, the subjects we and his teacher had suggested to him were confirmed by the suggestions MCO made for career options. The details around what the career is, the potential earnings and the qualifications needed solidified his decision to align his subject choices with who he is as a person and his passions, rather than what is popular among his peers.

A very big thank you for this tool, it has made a difficult situation for us as parents, so much easier to explain and helped guide our son in the correct direction.

- Stuart's Parents (Summer 2018)