Who We Are

We're parents just like you, frustrated by the lack of meaningful, straightforward careers guidance.

Our mission is simple, we want to help parents to help their children live happier more rewarding lives by choosing a career that suits them and which they enjoy.

During our research we discovered that 15% of parents said they wouldn't pay a penny to help their kids get better careers.

However, for those parents desperate to help their kids we found that 67% had no idea that a service like My Careers Options existed.

Why are parents so important?

All research shows that career outcomes are far better when parents are engaged with their kids’ future career prospects.

My Careers Options gives you, parents, the information and guidance you need to start an informed and constructive conversation with your kids about which careers they would fit, enjoy and be happiest in.

We are passionate about giving practical help to parents, students, schools and careers professionals, to help in the vital but difficult discussions about the future.

We offer an affordable, scientifically proven assessment developed to help parents, help their children into a brighter future by picking a career that suits their skills and personality.

Let's face it, education is expensive

All parents know education is expensive today, from university, to college, from employment to apprenticeships, let My Careers Options help with these vital choices.

  • MCO gives Parents the info needed to start a constructive and informed conversation about the careers their kids would fit and enjoy
  • MCO gives Students a better understanding of their strengths and what careers most closely match their unique personality and skills
  • MCO gives Schools a comprehensive, scientifically proven assessment of their students, which can help in vital careers conversations